Agro Processing

Innovative Agro Processing by PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd. Excellence in formulations, packaging, and marketing solutions.


Sustainable farming practices. PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd specializes in Sesame, G.nuts, Sorgum, Maize, and Beans.

Logistics Services

Efficient logistics solutions by land, air, and water. PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd optimizes routes for success.

Milling ( Maize )

Precision milling, superior quality flour. PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd ensures efficiency and consistency in every batch.

Value Addition

Unlock the full potential of your agricultural products with PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd’s value addition expertise.

Customs Clearing & Forwarding

PG3 Logistics Co. Ltd offers impeccable Customs Clearing and Forwarding services for shipments between South Sudan and Uganda.

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